Routemaster 60 is now over

Routemaster 60 is now over

In total, 136 Routemasters attended Routemaster 60

We reached (and exceeded by over 35%) our target of 100 Routemasters at the show. So this was the LARGEST ever gathering of Routemasters, and probably the largest ever gathering of a single bus type at an event.

For the record, we had:

sixty-eight RMs, fifty-five RMLs, one RMF, six RMCs, three RCLs, two RMAs, including the first BEA front entrance Routemaster, and of course, the FRM.

We even had an RML from Germany, and one from Sweden, with RMs and RMLs from north and south Wales, numerous Routemasters that were recently returned to the UK, many that have been specially prepared for this event, including many vehicles that have repainted and several Routemasters which made their rally debut at the event. A selection of photographs have been added here to our Gallery section of the main website.

Click here to see the full list of all vehicles that attended Routemaster 60.


Routemaster 60 Souvenir Programme

A special all-colour 80-page Souvenir Programme was produced for Routemaster 60. These can be puchased by clicking here


The Routemaster 60 shop remains open

With the end of the main rally season, the Routemaster 60 Official Merchandise has now been withdrawn. A few Routemaster 60 items remain available whilst stocks last, including the Routemaster 60 models, the Routemaster Lanyards and the Routemaster 60 book from Capital Transport Publishing, Diamond Routemaster, are still available.

For further details of the Routemaster 60 Official Merchandise, see the news report here.


Routemaster 60 Commemorative models

Our commemorative 1:76 scale Routemaster RM model was launched immediately ahead of the event, and a very few are available by mail order - click here

Jotus launched a limited edition of their FRM model - click here and search for model no. 76608 for more information. Together with a special of their fun qb model, they were available at Routemaster 60. 


Special Blinds for your Routemaster

Routemaster 60 is now over

We now have in stock the special Routemaster 60 blinds for the standard RM/RML front blind box, and there are only a few sets left available. An illustration of these blinds can be seen above. If you would be interested in a set, then please click here. The cost of these is £40.00 per set.


Route X60

For both days of the Routemaster 60 event, we operated a free circular service numbered X60 by Routemasters from outside the park and adjacent to Manor House station (stop F).

The Routemasters operated were:

On the Saturday - RM5 (Arriva), RM6 (Arriva), RM1357 (RedRoutemaster), RMC1485 (Ensignbus), RCL2226 (Ensignbus), and RML2344 (Tom Curtis).

On the Sunday - RM471 (A1 Bus Co.), RML903 (Metroline), RM1357 (RedRoutemaster), RMC1485 (Ensignbus), RM1871 / SRM7 (Timebus Travel), RCL2226 (Ensignbus), RML2310 (Timebus Travel), RML2323 (RedRoutemaster), RML2366 (RedRoutemaster), and RML2394 (


What happened at Routemaster 60 ?

Here are just a few of the exciting events and activities that took place over the weekend of the Routemaster 60 event:

- Routemaster 60 official merchandise stand

- Routemaster Association sales stand, with many additional or re-stocked items for the event

- enthusiast stalls, including London Transport Museum, Buses Magazine, Bus & Coach Preservation Magazine, LOTS and many more

- fairground for all the family

- catering buses - including Routemasters of course, with RML2291 and RML2715.

- special vehicle displays – including Historic Vehicle displays from the decades before and after the Routemaster

- The Routemaster Parades took place at 14.00 on both days, as follows (with liveries in brackets)

- on the Saturday with RM1, RM2 (country green), RM3, RM999 (Reading Mainline), RM2208 (Shillibeer), RMC1497 (Green Line), RCL2233 (Green Line), RML2452, RML2514 (Kentish Bus), RML2660 (Arriva London), RML2760, RMF2771 and FRM1.

- on the Sunday with RM1, RM2 (country green), RM3, RM5, RM6 (gold), RM8, RM44 (Southend Transport), RM2208 (Shillibeer), RMC1486 (London Country), RCL2233 (Green Line), RML883, RML2412 (London Country), RML2660 (Arriva London), RML2663 (from Germany), RML2760, BEA1 (BEA blue), RMF2771, FRM1, and open top RM1403 following with guests.

- The Buses from the Decades Parade took place on Sunday at 12.00; B2737 led the parade with STL2377, RT113, RT2177, RM16, FRM1, T1, L2, DLA1, Stagecoach 19000 (Spirit of London), and LT60 following.

- large LED screen showing Routemaster videos

- visit by The Mayor of Haringey at lunch time on Sunday

- special all colour souvenir programme


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Vehicle Application Form

If you would like to enter your Routemaster into the Routemaster 60 event please download the vehicle application form below and send to us by 31st May 2014.


Download the Vehicle Application Form as a PDF

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Word doc

Download the Vehicle Application Form as a Word file

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